• 02 MAY, 2020 | ROBERT HOLMES 
Credit Monitoring
Credit Monitoring is one of the most important entities required in Credit Repair Service. it’s paramount to monitor your credit 24/7 because the wrong information on your credit report can be very pricey. Credit Monitoring tracks your credit at all times. I like to refer to it as insurance for your credit. It’s imperative to always have credit monitoring in order to ensure you are on top of your credit report. There could possibly be an issue on your credit report right now and you may not even know it. Approximately 80% of the U.S population have errors on their credit report. The U.S population today (May 02, 2020) is roughly 328 million people. That means roughly 262 million people have errors on their credit report that could be costing them thousands of dollars or more in interest and monthly payments.
Do you know that if your P.I.I (Personal Identifiable Information) gets into the wrong hands of an unethical hacker then you can potentially be the victim of identity theft? There have been a number of Data Breaches that have occurred all over the U.S that compromises over a billion records of men and women living in this country. The largest Data Breaches comes from Yahoo, MySpace, River City Media, Marriot International, LinkedIn, Friend Finder, Under Armour and Exactis. There is a strong possibility that your information can be compromised and you may not even know it. Now is the time more than ever to act on this and prepare yourself for the future.

What is the solution?

At NC Credit Solution we are partnered with SmartCredit and can offer not only credit monitoring services but also 3 monthly credit bureaus / 3 credit reports so you can stay on top of your credit with the top consumer reporting agencies. In addition, our partner also offers $1 million in fraud insurance. If you do not have credit monitoring and are looking for it then please click this link to learn more
Credit Monitoring is included in our premium package with NC Credit Solution. If you are ready to make a change and get a hold on your credit then give us a call today for a FREE consultation at (877) 446-3285.

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